Comments on the encounter with a woman caught in adultery

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Over the next few weeks the Truth is The Word posts will be written by different authors, each responding to the various Jesus encounters I have written recently.  I hope that you will enjoy their varying perspectives and that your knowledge of Jesus will be deepened and enriched! What does this encounter teach me, a

Readers’ comments very touching

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Dear readers, I hope you have gained as much from reading the current encounter series of posts as I have from writing them. More than that, I hope that the Lord Jesus has revealed to you something of His nature and character through the posts. In the next few weeks I will be posting the

An encounter with the resurrected Lord

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Scripture Reference: John 20:10-18I am writing this from the perspective of Mary of Magdala when she encountered Jesus in the garden after He had risen from the dead.  Irrespective of whether you are male or female, try to see the scene through Mary’s eyes and perhaps the Living Lord will speak to you in some

The Gethsemane encounter

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Scripture references: John 18:1-11  Matthew 26:36-56  Mark 14:48-50  Luke 22:39-53In this encounter I am writing from the perspective of a boy who was tagging along with the crowd who went to arrest Jesus. Try to see the scene through his eyes, and in this way learn something more of our wonderful Jesus.I remember that night

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