How to interpret the Bible

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Despite the eroding influence of some aspects of post-modern thinking, most of you reading this will agree with me when I declare the Bible to be divinely inspired and authoritative. However, we may well differ in how we interpret the inspired written Word of God.I am currently reading a book entitled ‘Debating Calvinism’. I do

What is truth?

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“What is truth?” Pilot asked Jesus (John 18:38). Ask a typical evangelical Christian this question and the likely answer will be “The Bible is truth”. What we generally mean when we say this is that we believe that the Bible is the source of truth. Consider for a moment, though, how Peter, Paul, or John would

Comments on an encounter with Jesus

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Note to reader: As you may have noticed, I am publishing posts written by different authors, each responding to the various Jesus encounters I have written recently.  I hope that you will enjoy their varying perspectives and that your knowledge of Jesus will be deepened and enriched!   In this encounter Jesus says to

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