The Gospel and the response

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In our local church we have just completed a series of three evangelistic Sunday services. We invited different people from outside our congregations, who we believed have a ministry of evangelism, to preach. Although our underlying church philosophy is each-one-reach-one, we feel that from time to time we need to supplement this with focused services

What is sound doctrine?

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Paul warned that the time would come when people would no longer welcome sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:3) and most Bible-believing Christians suspect that time has indeed come. The problem though is ‘what constitutes sound doctrine?’To the Fundamentalist, sound doctrine must include such things as the inerrancy of scripture, a literal six day creation, and

Placing Jesus in the centre

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I remember a TV advertisement for cheese-filled steaks from the 80’s where the waiter says “It’s in the center Mr. Venter”. Actually I have a vague memory of that expression dating back to my teens when the response was “In the middle Cyril”. Please don’t ask me what it meant though.What we put in the

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