Professional clergy

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Series: The Church is highlights ‘There is thoroughly entrenched in our church life an unbiblical two-caste system. In this two-caste system there is a clergy-caste which is trained, called, paid, and expected to do the ministering. And there is the laity-caste which normally functions as the audience which appreciatively pays for the performance of the clergy—or

First Biblical literacy survey in South Africa

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Dear Readers Today is a very important day in the history of the South African Theological Seminary. Today we have released the first ever national online survey on the state of Biblical literacy in South Africa, something which I hope will make a significant contribution to the church. Please may I request that you take the survey

Plurality of Elders

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Series: The Church in Highlights ‘The idea that elders direct the affairs of the church, make decisions in all corporate matters, handle all of its problems, and supply all of its teaching is alien to New Testament thinking. Such an idea is pure fantasy and bereft of biblical support. It’s no wonder that in elder-led churches

Church government

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Series: The Church in Highlights‘The New Testament knows nothing of an elder-ruled, elder-governed, or elder-directed church. And it knows even less about a pastor-led church.’ Frank Viola in Reimagining Church.In the last few posts I have been presenting the parts of Viola’s book that I highlighted as I was reading through it. Possibly his most

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