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“Pat, where is your faith?!” The exclamation came from a lady in our congregation just after my wife had shared her concern about the church finances. I had left a secure and well paid executive job in a major bank just months before to pastor a very small but growing church. A flu epidemic was

To regret or not to regret, that is the question

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I am writing this from New England, USA, where I am to speak at a conference, preach and present the South African Theological Seminary to prospective post-graduate students. And while here I am also staying with two dear friends, Gavin and Gill, who emigrated from South Africa. I have known them for longer than I

Life NOW… and beyond the grave

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I mentioned in my last post that I had recently attended a memorial service. I actually preached on that occasion and my text was John 11:17-27. Jesus’ friend Lazarus had died and he was on his way to the tomb. Lazarus’ sister Martha went out to meet Him and scolded Him for not coming in

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