My personal thoughts on…The Father

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When I think of God the Father my mind goes very quickly to images of ‘light’. Righteousness untainted by self-justification: absolute holiness so different from my own attempts to be different. Justice without sentimentality: love uncompromised by self-interest: goodness beyond my conception of integrity, kindness and benevolence. He is the brightest of white light without

My personal thoughts on…The Holy Spirit

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I know the theology concerning the Holy Spirit, but my appreciation is more at the level of feeling and impression than of logical definition. I find The Spirit influences me in gentle and usually very subtle ways. I have the sense of being corrected, guided, and comforted as a form of nurture rather than dominance. 

My personal thoughts on…the Bible

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From the day I was born again of the Spirit of God I acquired a hunger for the written Word of God, the Bible. I still find it fascinating. I accept its divine inspiration and authority and rejoice in its trustworthiness. I appreciate its absolute honesty and I am constantly encouraged by how transparently it

My personal thoughts on…the local church

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I have been the pastor of a local church for twenty-seven years now and yet I am not its longest standing member. People have come and gone but many have remained for decades. We are an extended family but I am not the patriarch, for the Lord Jesus fulfils that role. I truly love this

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