Getting real about healing

Divine healing is a mysterious thing. Sometimes we ask and receive immediate supernatural healing, but at other times we have to take antibiotics, or other medication, and heal slowly. There are so many theories, doctrines, and theologies but nobody has the real answer to why divine healing is not always available to us. I have

Sermon on False Prophets

Much of the church of our day is plagued by false prophets and apostles. Deception is a spiritual virus let loose in our church environments. I recently preached into this situation and gave insight into how to recognise the false and embrace the real power of the Holy Spirit. The message is an exposition of

Welcome to this site

I have now stopped posting to All the previous posts to that site are now also available here at . In future I will be posting regular reflections on three decades of pastoral life under the section ‘What the Pastor Saw’; other regular general or topical entries will be

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