Passover – The Last Supper

. As I write this post, Easter weekend is in just a few days’ time and I am busy preparing for a simple Passover re-creation we are doing on Thursday night. I don’t like the word ‘Easter’ at all as it evokes pagan images of bunnies and hot-cross buns and tends to

Same Sex Marriage

This article was published in Conspectus, the peer-reviewed journal of the South African Theological Seminary. The paper deals with same-sex marriage from a Biblical Christian perspective. It is not a treatise on homosexuality from either a Biblical or sociological point of view. The article deals with homosexuality, per se, only in as much as

Part 2 – Process and Principles of creating a classical guitar

. It is hard to describe my 16 day experience of building the guitar of my dreams – a once in a life-time experience will have to do. . It started at 08h00 on a Tuesday morning. Three men, all over 60, committed to building a guitar and

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