New sermons

I have added two new sermons to the site. Both are designed to encourage and inspire. The desires of your heart is based on Psalm 37:3-6 – Trust in the Lord, roll your burdens onto him, and find your satisfaction in a personal relationship with Jesus… and he will give us the

A Jesus-centred revelation

In my last post I attempted to give you the ‘big picture’: a panoramic overview of Revelation. Now I am neither an artist nor a photographer but I do know that every good picture needs a focal point… and the centre of attention in the book of Revelation is Jesus. It is the revelation of

The Structure of the Book of Revelation

When building a house we first have to clear the ground by knocking down any existing structures that cannot be incorporated into the overall ground plan. I did that, to a certain extent, in the post titled Knocking down faulty foundations. The next construction step is to lay a solid foundation complete with a reliable

Unlocking Revelation

  In my first post in this series I wrote about various systems of interpreting the book of Revelation which have become more stumbling blocks than foundation stones. More subtle problems arise from within these systems. For instance, some schemes present a linear chronological flow of time within the book; some spread

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