The lesson of lost love

  The Lord Jesus’ letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor (modern Turkey) are also for all of the church throughout the ages – which means they are for us today as well. So, I am going to go through each letter picking up on some important practical issues for us

The letters to the seven churches – background and historical insights

  In my last post I wrote about the significance of the names of the cities that hosted the seven churches to which Jesus wrote. In this post I will give you a little historical and geographic information to help you better appreciate and understand these letters. Revelation 2:13

New Sermon

Click here to access my latest sermon, the title is Jehovaha Shamma which means ‘God is there’. The message is about the importance and dynamics of a gathered meeting of the church. Alternatively you can listen to it by simply clicking the play button below

Jesus’ letter to His church


 “If only Jesus had written a book of the Bible! Paul wrote letters, Peter wrote letters, and John wrote letters. Why didn’t Jesus write us a letter or two?”
Well, he did! He dictated seven letters to churches in the vicinity of Patmos, John faithfully wrote them down and they are

Angels of the churches

In Revelation 1:20 Jesus is recorded as explaining the mystery of the seven stars resting in his hand: “The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches”. Chapters Two and Three consist of seven letters written to churches in the area, and each one starts with the words, “To the angel of the church

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