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Conspectus, the academic journal of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), recently published an article of mine advocating the interpretation of scripture from a Christocentric perspective

What I refer to as the Christocentric Principle is an approach to biblical interpretation that seeks to understand scripture from a Jesus-perspective. In other words, a way of interpreting scripture primarily from the perspective of what Jesus taught and modelled, and from what he revealed concerning the nature, character, values, principles, and priorities of the Godhead.
The significance of this article  is not that it is likely to make headlines but rather that that it provides a peg in the ground, paving a way for argument and debate within Christian academic circles on the centrality of Jesus in our theology, church and everyday lives.  

In the article I argue vigorously for the restoration on Christ-centred hermeneutic approach to the interpretation of the scriptures and their application in everyday life. The article crystalises a year’s worth of dialogue with SATS’ leaders and academics, and will now become prescribed reading for SATS’ students.

In these discussions with the SATS’ academic team,  I constantly posed the question: what does it means for us to be Christ-centred?  For me it means:

  • In all we do, we seek to give due honour and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The goal of the Christian life is to become like the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ is central to all Christian life, doctrine, and ministry.
  • The nature of God as revealed in the words and works of the Lord Jesus Christ is a lens for interpreting God’s word and discerning his will.

In my recent address to SATS graduates at the recent graduation ceremony, I urged them to oversee the restoration of Christocentricity to the church, to apply the principles to their lives, to pass them on and to influence others to do so too.

Will you faithful readers of my blog do the same?


Download the article here ->, The Christocentric Principle-A Jesus-Centred Hermeneutic.pdf


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