Restoring Truth to the Church

Recently I attended a wedding where the minister was a pleasant young man from a traditional denomination. He conducted the service well enough but he made no reference whatsoever to the Bible, and the name of Jesus came up just once in a casual aside. A Christian marriage is based on the covenant between

The Liberal ‘gevaar’

In many evangelical circles, and certainly among most fundamentalists, the world ‘liberal’ carries with it a definite emotional and theological charge. Liberals are seen as threatening the Faith and undermining true Christian theology. Liberals have a nefarious agenda; they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and so on. Liberal theologians, on the other hand, are

The Church in Mozambique – A mile wide but an inch deep?

  A while ago I went to Maputo as part of a four-man ministry team. A bishop of a group of non-denominationally aligned local churches had asked us to help him establish a school of church leadership. The idea was to present a two day preaching workshop, followed by a further

God’s influence through our influence

‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people’. Proverbs 14:34  I was one of the over 450 Christians leaders who attended the National Initiative for Reformation of South Africa (NIRSA) consultation called by Michael Cassidy and Moss Ntlha to address the crisis in our nation. While some may say “crisis,

Inerrancy of Scripture

The word ‘errancy’ has the power to inflame some theologians to cry “heresy!” in the face of anyone who dares to hold a non-traditional view of how the Bible came into being. A most unfortunate consequence of the modern inerrancy debate is that for so many people it links the word errancy with heresy.

Interpreting the Bible

Despite the eroding influence of some aspects of post-modern thinking, most of you reading this will agree with me when I declare the Bible to be divinely inspired and authoritative. However, we may well differ in how we interpret the inspired written Word of God. I am currently reading a book entitled ‘Debating Calvinism’.

The Light of the World

“For the rest of my life I want to reflect on what light is.” This statement is attributed to a twenty-six year old Albert Einstein shortly after formulating his famous General Theory of Relativity. His statement is understandable because both his theory of relativity and his foundational work in quantum physics came about because

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