The proverbial Malema

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Choosing truth and love over divisiveness and dissensionJulius Malema’s and ruling party officials’, devotion to a particular ‘freedom song’ is both confusing and biblically offensive. Which should rate higher on any public servants agenda – to preserve a song about killing farmers because long ago freedom fighters sung it, or to refrain from anything that

Truth is a person

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A call to restore the centrality of Jesus to the churchI attended a wedding recently. The minister was a pleasant young man from a traditional denomination. He conducted the service well enough but he made no reference whatsoever to the Bible, and the name of Jesus came up just once in a casual aside. A

The Secret

“Pssst! Let me tell you a secret” It seems that there is a secret on everyone’s lips nowadays. Some, like the ‘The Secret Message of Jesus’, are interesting if a little controversial, but the latest ‘secret’ is just offensive. An Australian TV producer and a number of positive thinking ‘gurus’ have collaborated to produce

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