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Note to reader: As you may have noticed, I am publishing posts written by different authors, each responding to the various Jesus encounters I have written recently.  I hope that you will enjoy their varying perspectives and that your knowledge of Jesus will be deepened and enriched!  
In this encounter Jesus says to the woman caught in adultery: “Then neither
do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin.” For me personally these words spoken by Jesus lie very much at the heart of the Gospel message in two ways:

Firstly, Jesus reveals a God who by nature is full of mercy and compassion. He
does not condemn this woman or the rest of mankind for his rebellion and sin towards Him, but rather graciously extends His hand of mercy to all who would acknowledge that they are guilty of breaking God’s law and stand condemned just as this woman was by breaking the law of Moses.

Secondly, when Jesus tells the woman that she must now go and leave her life of sin, this to me clearly expresses what God requires  from a person in response to His incredible mercy. Jesus commanded this woman and wants all mankind to repent! This means leaving behind a life of sin and following him as Lord of their lives. Although God is infinitely merciful and compassionate towards us He is equally Holy.  God wants me, and others who would call on His name, not to be sinless, but to but to be a people no longer in bondage to sin.  In other words sin must no longer be our Master for we have a new Master: His name is JESUS CHRIST!

~ Written by Jonathan Andrew


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