Is there anybody out there?

“Is there anybody out there?’ is the name of a song by the 1970’s group Pink Floyd. For those readers  over 70, no, they weren’t communists as far as I know.

I used to enjoy listening to them in the vinyl era mainly because of their innovative use of technology. One of the tracks that I fancied, mainly because it is a guitar solo of sorts, was ‘Is there anybody out there’, and now I find myself listening to it again for an entirely different reason.

TruthisTheWord has been live for many years now, first on Blogspot and more recently on its own domain. During its life span I have published hundreds of articles, sermons and TruthTalks (my audio podcast), but seldom benefit from feedback by my reading and listening audience. ‘Likes’ on facebook notifications are sparse and comments on the blog even rarer, so I have little way of knowing who actually cares and what they care about.

So I am now asking you to do something for me:

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Here is the tune – enjoy.







7 Responses

  1. Pierre Visser

    Greetings Chris,
    Yes, still follow – all the way from Aus.
    Grateful thanks for your continued (remote) input into Kristin & I.
    Cheers & every blessing to you & the family.

  2. Debby Walker

    Chris I read all your articles on email.

    Keep them coming

  3. Fred van Staden

    Hi Chris, You’re a wonderfully gifted and wise author whose writings, authenticity and integrity I respect wholeheartedly. Please continue sharing however you are prompted or urged by the Holy Spirit or need to address any issue or topic which needs good insight. People welcome your observations and deep thought, even though we don’t say it often enough.
    For your Australian readers there is the real challenge of a same sex marriage postal survey / vote which is currently underway and the country needs prayer and support as this targeted confusion and spiritual war is being waged.
    A topic which may be of interest is to try and address the enduring values and principles needed by all generational categories to live within this exponentially changing world. Some analysts have commented that the next 20 years will see more change than what’s happened in the last 100 years. In many cases that level of change will be overwhelming and traumatic – probably greater than the original “digital divide”. I’ve called it this new stage the “RIC-RAC” age – Rapid Integrated Change Requires Active Constancy.
    But seriously, in this instantaneous world people need to know how to establish (re-establish?) foundational and enduring principles for living using all the means, methods and channels we have available. We see many souls just drifting away and missing out on the richly rewarding relationship which can be developed in a Christocentric world.

  4. John Holder

    Hi Chris, you have asked for feedback and suggestions for new content.
    I enjoy reading your posts, which I receive via email.
    A topic that begs to be revisited in your blog is “creation”. Specifically whether (or how) long-age views can be reconciled with the biblical account. This is more than just an academic matter, as it impinges on the integrity of the Bible.


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