My personal thoughts on…The Holy Spirit

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I know the theology concerning the Holy Spirit, but my appreciation is more at the level of feeling and impression than of logical definition. I find The Spirit influences me in gentle and usually very subtle ways. I have the sense of being corrected, guided, and comforted as a form of nurture rather than dominance.  Even in the moments when I experience the greatest degree of empowerment for ministry I am impacted by awe and wonder rather than ‘power’. It is as though The Holy Spirit has poured an inexpressibly precious liquid energy into my cupped hands which I want to handle with the greatest reverence as I give it to others without any slipping through my fingers. On the occasions when I succeed in pointing people to Jesus I have the impression that The Spirit is smiling benignly upon me. When I do wrong or act selfishly I sense the disappointed disapproval of one who loves me and expects the best from me. I really appreciate The Spirit’s involvement in my life and I am eternally grateful that The Holy Spirit breathed life into me both physically and spiritually.

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