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The book of Revelation has fascinated so many yet been misunderstood by most. Thousands of earnest scholars have written weighty tomes about it and far too many unlearned men and women have also tried to explain it. Current titles include “Revelation explained’, ‘Revelation make clear’, and ‘The book of Revelation Unveiled’. They generally promise much but deliver little more than the theories, systems and presumptions that have been around for hundreds of years.

Yet, despite all this, I too have chosen to make a contribution to the body of knowledge that has built up around this last book of the Bible. Will some people class me among those who promise but don’t deliver? Well, that could only be the case if I promised something, which I don’t, other than to assure you that I treat the subject with serious respect yet strive to make it as intelligible as I can.

Some time ago I wrote a book titled ‘Revelation in the Stars – The Sidereal and Written Word’. You can find it by following the hyperlink to the site where you can either order a printed copy or even download a free .pdf document. I recently completed a six session overview of Revelation keyed to both the Bible and my book. The series Revelation Revisited is based on these presentations and I have included below a couple of testimonials from folk who attended my sessions.

If you have been reticent to tackle Revelation, or if you are disillusioned by what you have previously read, then I urge you to give this series a try. Revelation 1:3 reads, ‘Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy…’ so be blessed and read it.

If you have a friend or family member that you believe would like to follow this series then please send them the following link and suggest that they register to get regular updates from my site.


“The series on Revelation is probably one of the most enlightening and most beneficial studies I have done on any book of the bible. I too had the general Christian perception of staying away from the book because it’s just too hard to fathom and interpret. The overview on the book of Revelation was far more than just gaining head knowledge or a better understanding of the book. What I realized was that there was so much I had been missing out in not knowing and comprehending how absolutely awesome our God is. We were taught the principles in how we need to read the book and we were reminded of these which truly helped with its interpretation. I was amazed to see the golden thread of Jesus being thread not only through the book but from the beginning of creation until the second coming. What an encouragement it was”.  JUSTIN

“From finding the book of Revelation somewhat daunting and confusing I walked away from the studies enlightened and encouraged. Filled with awe for the awesome God we serve, filled with hope which we find in Christ Jesus and a heart joining with the closing verses saying “Come, Lord Jesus, Amen”  NATALIE




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  1. Paula

    Loved this overview teaching .. nice to have your notes rather than mine

  2. Estelle

    Thanks a million! The Millennium makes so much more sense after having read your notes and view 🙂
    God Bless

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