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Hi, I do hope you are gaining a lot from My goal is to let as many people know the glorious truth about the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ as I can…  but I need your help.


How can you help?

I have designed a Newsletter TruthNews in pdf format which contains highlights of various sections of my website, what’s new in TITW world, Information on the current series, and more. Simply download and forward TruthNewsAugust2015.pdf using the send file function in your pdf reader, or forward this post on using any of the share buttons directly under this post.

In this way you can forward the Newsletter to your friends and family (add a personal message if you like) – whoever you feel will be interested. You will be helping me and I hope blessing your friends and family.

And in appreciation…

You can download the Revised Edition of “Truth Is the Word” (the book) in electronic format. This has been on-sale since publishing but I want to give you the opportunity to get it free. Each person you forward the newsletter to will also be able to download a free electronic copy of the book. Please check your downloads if either TruthTalks or the book don’t open automatically.




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