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Jesus is the centre of… well, everything! This, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, has been the essence of my blog posts over the past 20 weeks. I have shared with you the various aspects of the Christocentric Principle as well as how to apply it. We began by focusing on the characteristics of Jesus and why he is the centre of our faith, church and the very personificaton of truth. We then discovered why Jesus is the centre of the Bible, too – as the interpreter of scripture he is the key to understanding it. Finally, in light of these truths, we turned to the actual essence of the Christocentric Principle and examples of it in action.  There was the question of Hell, equality between men and women, leadership failures in the church and more.  Before we move on to the next topic, I thought it would be good to stop and reflect on everything that has been written and shared.

Below are the most popular posts in the last 20 weeks. Thank you so much for reading and adding your comments and opinions. Please do consider sharing the posts that have touched you, so that others may too discover the truth: that Jesus is absolutely central to everything to do with our faith.  In so doing, you are doing your part, in part, in fulfilling the Great Commission.

May God bless you!

We often used to sing ‘Jesus be the centre’, a lovely song with sincere lyrics: ‘Jesus, be the centre, be my source, be my light, Jesus.’ The problem is though, that the words may reflect our perception but they do not reflect reality. Jesus cannot be the centre because we wish Him to be – He IS the centre…more


Many years ago I read a book called ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’ written in 1884 by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott. Although it was intended as a satirical comment on Victorian society, I found in it a powerful description of the interaction between different dimensions. Abbott’s Flatland is a world of only two dimensions, width and length but no height…more

I once asked a biblical scholar what he was looking forward to most in heaven. He replied, “I can’t wait to read the scriptures with full understanding.” Seems like a noble desire yet it appears to me to be a very strange ambition. In heaven we will have full access to the Lord Jesus Christ, the author of scripture, so why would we read an ethereal version of the Bible when we can talk to its author? more

I used to have a steel putter in a convenient place near my bed as some form of protection in the event of a break in. But then I sold my golf clubs and so was without a suitable means of protection. Was I wrong to want to be able to protect myself and family? Should I rather have relied entirely on God to protect me? Is self-defence an element of good stewardship or an obvious lack of faith?…more

To judge or not to judge?

During the worship last Sunday a man turned around to the woman standing behind him and told her to be quiet. Apparently she was singing exuberantly or shaking the back of his chair with her passionate response to the presence of God. Perhaps he was joking, although even then his action must have been triggered by a judgement he made – “This woman is offending my hyper conservative sensibilities and I have the right to tell her to stop it!” Oh really? Do we have the right to judge others like this, let alone express our judgement in this way?…more


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