Prayer, Power and Proclamation

Understanding Christian ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit from a Jesus-perspective

Perhaps the reason we see so few miracles in our day is that most of us have forgotten who we are… and who God is.

In this book you will appreciate:

  • That we live in an inverted kingdom and need to change our mindset and worldview.
  • That those who are born again in the name of Jesus are sons and daughters of the Living God.
  • That prayer is the privilege of dialogue with Almighty God.
  • That disciples of the Lord Jesus should be custodians of power from on high.
  • That vast potential of proclaiming in word and deed, in the authority of Jesus, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.



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PowerPoint Presentation

This is a series of 7 presentations, including brief lecture notes, for use in group teaching situations:

Lesson 1  – Introduction

Lesson 2 – Children of God

Lesson 3 – Prayer

Lesson 4 – Power 1

Lesson 5 – Power 2

Lesson 6 – Proclamation

Lesson 7 – Conclusion

Video Series

A 14 part video presentation covering the entire P3 book