Quiet Times

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‘One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.’  Luke 6:12-13
Do you have a daily Quite Time (QT)? Most Christians try and make time each day to be alone with the Lord. The problem is that much of what goes under the heading of Quite Time is religious and not relational.
The idea is to draw apart from the business of our family and work day to communicate with God. Jesus did this often and it is therefore an excellent practice. But what takes place during the QT? 

Daily reading and devotionals are fine if they serve as an aid to real communication between us and God.  However, for many people the ‘Faith for Today’ type devotionals have become a substitute for communication. There is a mentality that a verse a day will keep the devil at bay, or that someone else devotional thoughts become mine simply because I read them. This is religious.

When we meet privately with God we should read the Bible conversationally, praying and reading simultaneously. When we pray it should not be according to a template of first thanksgiving, then intercession, and then petition. Rather, we should talk to God as humble but loving children, expressing our hearts with honesty and transparency. 

A QT that consists of a daily reading and a prayer list is religious… sorry but that’s how I see it. How about you? What do you think?

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  1. Thomas Scarborough

    Hello Chris, Have you registered your blog on amatomu.com? The meeting-place of South Africa’s Christian blogs. With kind regards, Thomas [a SATS postgraduate].

  2. Christopher

    Hi Jonathan, I have found that the best way is to encourage through personal witness. Share with her naturally what you receive from God when you spend time with Him. Comment with enthusiasm on the wonderful Gospel accounts of what Jesus said and did. Pray for her a lot. God bless you both.

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