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Dear readers, I hope you have gained as much from reading the current encounter series of posts as I have from writing them. More than that, I hope that the Lord Jesus has revealed to you something of His nature and character through the posts. In the next few weeks I will be posting the reflections of several readers on what they gained from the encounter series of posts. It is so good to focus on Jesus and to contemplate His centrality and glory.
For now, I have pasted just some of the wonderful comments that folk have made to the encounters.  I hope they minister to you as much as they did to me.  Many thanks to all who shared!

Comments from the past series

Annie writes – My heart bursts with pure joy because He called me by name! My heart was so burdened I thought I was going to drown but then I heard Him call my name! I can lift up my eyes and face the world with total joy in my heart. Jesus my Lord, You are truly alive!! My relief is total becaue Im not alone. on An encounter with the resurrected Lord

Jon writes – When I look into the eyes of Jesus I see Him as someone who exudes love and at the same time One full of wisdom and authority.He forgives me unconditionally of my sin and shows me that no longer does sin have to be my master.He is now my new Master! on A woman caught in adultery encounters Jesus

Anonymous writes – As I look into Jesus’ face I see love incarnate but I also hear Him saying ‘wait, don’t be in such a hurry! Feel the process; feel the love; absorb the moment; live the moment. There are many things in you that I can heal. Take the time to let Me. I am your Beloved Redeemer, healer, Lord – and you are my beloved child. on The Man at the Pool – An Encounter

Sarann writes – I see pure delight and love in the face of Jesus as he watches my amazement and joy in being healed. I understand that this gentle, humble and unassuming man carries the true power of God that I was searching for in the pool. I feel that he looks at me as though he has always known me and seen my suffering and pain, even though this is the first time I have met him. He looks upon me as man would look upon treasure – I feel precious and special and know that he came to this place for me. on The Man at the Pool – An Encounter

Lisa writes – Looking through the eyes of this women as if I were her, I first felt great shame and regret, as if nothing could take away this unforgivable act. I would be judged and condemned forever… how could I live with myself? Then this kind stranger, who displays unfathomable wisdom, shows me kindness and compassion, without judging me. It was if I got another chance! I feel set free, as if this sin no longer ties me down… what joy! In a moment, I thought my life was over, but now I more alive than ever. on A woman caught in adultery encounters Jesus

Annie writes – The face of Jesus is shining. He knows who He is and where He is going. And He speaks with such authority that I’m bowled over just by the sound of His voice. Who is this Jesus of Nazareth because I want to know more! And then Jesus heals the ear of His “enemy”! He is being hounded to jail and yet He heals the very soldier come to take Him away! My heart is jumping in my chest because of Jesus. He is totally in control of the situation and He is not afraid. My heart is burning to know more and I know i will never be the same again. on The Gethsemane encounter


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