The Book of Revelation:

in the Light of the Stars

This book combines an interpretation of the book of Revelation with a survey of the meaning and import of the ancient stellar constellations. Whilst the research draws on several established expert sources it also constitutes a unique contribution to the field and includes original and detailed star charts and other informative diagrams.

God inspired his ancient people to record the story of time and eternity on the parchment of the night sky, and he keyed the enigmatic last book of the Bible, the Revelation of John, to this saga in the stars. The sidereal (star) word and the scriptural word are linked.

In this book you will:

  • Discover the true key to understanding the book of Revelation.
  • Find a description of the ‘big picture’ of Revelation.
  • Learn how the book of Revelation is directly keyed to the message in the stars.
  • Find clarification of concepts like the Millennium and the Rapture.
  • Learn how Heaven and Earth will become one in the New Eden.
  • Learn how modern astrology is both logically and scripturally insupportable.
  • Find traces of the ancient Zodiac in the scriptures.
  • Discover how the Tabernacle is a cosmological model.
  • Read the story of redemption in the constellations.
  • Find fascinating astronomical data concerning Jesus’ birthday, Christmas day, Passover, and Pentecost.


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