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Although I grew up in a Christian home, I only met Jesus in a personal and radical way when I was thirty. Many things changed progressively from that day, but one thing that was immediately different was the love for the scriptures which suddenly gripped my heart. I couldn’t read the Bible fast enough, and it didn’t take me long to get around to studying its last book, Revelation. I remember with great clarity the day when I sat down at my desk at home with paper, pen, the Bible, and a book on Revelation by one of the several popular and sensationalistic authors. As I was about to read the opening verses, and then see what my chosen author had to say about them, a strange thought entered my consciousness. “Have you asked the Lord if he wants you to study this book at this time?” What a strange question to ask! Surely God would be delighted for me to be studying any part of his Word, at any time? But the thought persisted, and so I closed my eyes and dutifully asked the question. There was nobody in the room with me, at least nobody I could see, but I am sure I heard a voice. A strong voice of absolute authority reverberated in my mind and seemed to fill the space of the room in which I sat. One word… “No!” It was an awesome experience, in the proper sense of the word, and it galvanized me into action. I snapped the book shut, and, in one swift action, swept it, together with my notepad and pen, into my desk drawer. Then I sat there trembling and trying to make sense of the experience.

I studied most of the other books of the Bible with great joy and a sense of divine approval, and I also completed a two-year programme of training as a preacher. Then the time came again when I felt I was ready to study the book of Revelation. Surely now I would be allowed to tackle it? It seems strange, even to me, but I experienced an almost exact replay of the event of years before, and again I received a one-word answer … “No!”

Many years and much study later, I was finally given release to interpret this wonderful book. Looking back now, I can see why God had previously prevented me.

Some time ago I did in fact write a book titled ‘Revelation in the Stars – The Sidereal and Written Word’. You can find it by following the hyperlink to the site where you can either order a printed copy, buy an e-version, or even download a free .pdf document.

In a couple of weeks’ time I am starting an extended series of blog posts called Revelation Revisited. If you have been reticent to tackle Revelation, or if you are disillusioned by what you have previously read, then I urge you to give this series a try. Revelation 1:3 reads, ‘Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy…’ so be blessed and read it.

If you have friends or family members you believe would also like to follow this series then please send them the following link and suggest that they subscribe…


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  1. Cynthia Parker.

    Hi Christopher I am anxiously waiting please include me.

  2. Bev Parker

    Hi Chris, we missed yr series at church as we were away at the time & wld love to catch up – have heard so many ‘theories’ over the years so wld really like to have it all cleared up.

    • [email protected]

      Thanks Bev. You can catch up on previous posts in the Revelation series by navigating the right panel items on any of the blog posts.

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