Same Sex Marriage

This article was published in Conspectus, the peer-reviewed journal of the South African Theological Seminary.

The paper deals with same-sex marriage from a Biblical Christian perspective. It is not a treatise on homosexuality from either a Biblical or sociological point of view. The article deals with homosexuality, per se, only in as much as is necessary to examine the question of the Biblical Christian stance concerning same-sex marriage.

The article starts with a brief overview of the South African civil legal history of same-sex ‘marriage’ partnerships leading up to the current ruling by the Constitutional Court. The debate then starts with the Biblical definition of marriage before mining down to the two main arguments in favour of same-sex marriage and the homosexuality that underpins it – the appeal to the concepts of justice and love. Only then does the focus turn to the Biblical prohibitions concerning homosexual activity.

The second part of the article deals briefly with implications for church life, firstly from the perspective of how the church approaches same-sex marriage in general society, and then from the perspective of those within, or seeking to join, the church.


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  1. Zelda Davidson

    Excellent article. These topical issues need clarification to the everyday Christian, as being bombarded from all sides with accusations of “intolerance” and “religious” grounds – make our arguments seem like bigotry, judgmental, intolerant and old fashioned.
    Yet God’s word stands true for always, and was never written to simply spoil one’s liberty in choice making, but to protect us as a society from moral decay, and breakdown. Thanks for the well thought out explanation.

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