Beater, Better… Best!

Do you remember the “Beater to Better” guitar project I undertook, completed, preached on and then gave away? No? then please have a look at THIS POST for details or HERE to see the winning email. I had the pleasure of handing over the guitar to Jacolene Spangenberg, and wanted to

The Touch of the Master’s hand

The Bible is full of music from Exodus 15 right through to Revelation 15.  Of course, the book of Psalms is the richest portfolio of songs in the scriptures, and Psalm 139 is among its greatest. The problem for us when it comes to the music of the Bible is that we are given

Part 2 – Process and Principles of creating a classical guitar

. It is hard to describe my 16 day experience of building the guitar of my dreams – a once in a life-time experience will have to do. . It started at 08h00 on a Tuesday morning. Three men, all over 60, committed to building a guitar and

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