TruthTalk (Sermon): A Money Masterclass

Money permeates much of our everyday lives and how we use it provides a strong indicator of our attitude towards giving and generosity. Jesus often used money as everyday illustrations in His teachings, but He didn’t address the topic itself that much. In this sermon I link together Luke 16:13 and Luke 6:38 to

What on earth is an ehtit?

Giving to the local church is biblical and important, but tithing is a self-serving remnant from a long distant age. On numerous occasions, I have sat through Sunday services where there have been two sermons; one on tithing and the other on whatever topic the preacher had on his heart. I am not being

The different Gospel

In 1988 D.R.McConnell wrote a book critiquing the modern Faith Movement titled ‘A different Gospel’,  but there is another ‘different gospel’ that has been around far longer. Paul describes it as ‘really no gospel at all’ (Galatians 1:7) because the Gospel is good news whereas the ‘different gospel’ is not. This false gospel goes under

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