The 9 Spiritual Gifts & How to Find your Ministry

Spiritual Gifts are an important matter for all Christians because ministries are the muscles of the Body of Christ and Holy Spirit manifestations are its blood.

This book differentiates between ministries, which we perform, and manifestations that the Holy Spirit performs. It also describes 9 manifestations of the Spirit as well as a way of finding effective areas of ministry in the church.

Dr. Christopher Peppler

If you are a new believer and want to establish the basics of how you can best serve your local church in areas of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, then this book will help you to do just that.

If you are a committed follower of Jesus Christ, you will find this book instructional and practical. It is also detailed enough to understand the nature of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to minister in the Holy Spirit through areas on ministry.

If you are a church leader, and need a structured basis for teaching on the Gifts and Ministries, then you will find this book a helpful resource. The matter of Spiritual Gifts is often misunderstood and misapplied, and this book will provide solid biblical guidance.

This book explores the following passages: 

  • ROMANS 12:6-8 
  • EPHESIANS 4:11

The following ministries are explained:  Prophetic, pastoral and apostolic ministries; evangelism and missionary ministries; teaching ministry; miracle-working; healing; ministry of tounges and interpretation; giving; serving & helping; mercy ministry and administration.

Additionally, the reader is given a useful workbook to assist them to find their ministry

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Supplementary Resources

1.  If you want to take a small group through the book, then HERE is a detailed Leaders Guide to help you do just that.

2.  HERE is a Workbook for individual or group use to help identify an individuals area of ministry in and through the local church.

FREE Workbook - How to find your ministry

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