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Why do bad things happen to good people? Shouldn’t God be stopping them?

I preached on this topic in a sermon titled ‘In the World, trials and sorrows; In Jesus, peace’ when I realised that I had been asked this question more times than I can remember and yet my response has always been the same.

John 13-16 is the last long conversation Jesus had with His disciples before His crucifixion, and  we draw from the end of chapter 16 to find His answer to the question of suffering. Listen to my sermon if you would like to know what I believe to be the answer by clicking on the play button below.


Sermons and Articles ImageYou will find many of the sermons I have preached along with their notes on THIS page, so listen to any you may have missed or would like to listen to again HERE. They include:

and many more.

On you can also find many articles I have written over the years for various publications. Most are short articles sharing a specific message so they won’t take you long to read, so:

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PLEASE NOTE with regards to the articles: Because I am still uploading many of these I can’t DATE them correctly (it’s technical), so please don’t try to find an article by how “current” it appears to be. Some of my most current articles, for example, are dated 5 years ago, so a much better way to find what you are looking for would be to use the Search button found on any of the listed article pages or simply browsing through them from here.

May God bless You!




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