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Recently I was approached by The Legacy Project to share my thoughts and experiences regarding personal achievement. The questions were quite challenging and included  things such as what I consider to be characteristics of success, principles I live by, and even the meaning of life! The final question concerned the legacy I would like to leave and my answer was:

I would like to leave behind me people, especially young men and women, who are equipped and motivated to fulfill God’s call on their lives as productive citizens of our nation. I would also like to leave a repository of writings to help them on their life journey.

I do hope that the repository I am constantly adding to at goes some way in fulfilling this!

             If you would like to read the full interview please visit The Legacy Project HERE

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  1. Peter

    Very good Chris – loved your constant focus – ever onward to Jesus!!

  2. Eugene De Villiers

    A great interview and an exceptional legacy. I am so blessed to be a part of it!

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