The Moment of Truth – Elections 2019

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The Moment of Truth is a phrase that has been applied to several events ranging from School Leaving exams to Eskom’s demise. More recently, it has been adopted by some in the media as a slogan for the May 2019 National Elections here in South Africa.

Will the elections in just a few days’ time be a moment of truth for the nation? Probably not. In all probability the current ruling party will win by a sizeable, if reduced, margin and so the real question is what will happen in the next few years? Whichever party is in power after May this year, or whichever parties form a coalition to rule, they will all be faced with a series of moments of truth. Will they deal decisively and severely with the men, women and companies that have brought us economically and socially to our knees? Will they follow through on their great campaign promises and actually deliver the regeneration we need?

We need Revival!

Whatever the post-May political scenario, nothing short of a Jesus-centred Holy Spirit revival will save our nation. I say this because for the nation to change, the hearts of its citizens must change first.  National reformation plans and organised Christian movements are well and good, but words, plans, and ideas are not enough in our time of crisis; we need a genuine move of God!

I am not naturally an optimist, but I am optimistic about our national future because for the last eight years I have become aware of the possibility of true spiritual revival in South Africa. In addition, the events over the last two years have encouraged me.

Looking back Two Years

On the 5th April 2017 I published an article called ‘The worm has been turned’ and followed that up 20 days later with ‘A nation reborn in a day?’. I think that it is worth repeating the ‘predictions’ I made at that time:

  • The light of truth will shine in the darkness of our government and we will see and hear one leader after another speaking out against corruption, greed, arrogance and national theft. We have already witnessed this starting to happen within just one day of the prayer meeting.
  • The ruling party will continue to polarise and fragment into competing factions before our eyes and some of its key leaders will form new alliances. Once again, we are seeing the start of this right now.
  • Economic conditions will continue to deteriorate as the nation is paralysed by the political struggle gripping its throat.
  • The powers of evil in our nation will most likely attack the church with every available means and accuse it of siding with foreign influences in betraying the elected leadership of the nation. But, with every onslaught, the light of truth will grow more intense and glorious. Remember what Jesus said to His disciples, and to us, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.“(John 16:33).
  • Churches across our nation will swell with countless numbers of people seeking truth, hope and love and very soon, we will be witnessing a genuine Holy Spirit, Jesus-centred revival of historic proportions.

These were not so much predictions as reasoned projections and when we look back we can probably tick them all off to one extent or another. In some respects things have gotten worse – unemployment, power supply, economic growth rates, and so on. But, in other respects things have improved because the light of Christ is shining powerfully into all aspects of our national life… and Revival is surely right at the door.

Arise, shine, for your light has come,

and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

See, darkness covers the earth

and thick darkness is over the peoples,

but the Lord rises upon you

and his glory appears over you”.

Isaiah 60:1-2

New Book Published

Revival. It always comes back to this, so I have published a short book titled ‘The 12 Key Aspects of Revival’ that I am making available free to everyone within my circle of influence. All you have to do is CLICK on the link below and you can download your own no-strings-attached copy.

I look forward to the results of our May election with great interest, but I look forward to the months to follow with more than interest; I look forward with faith and hope.

So, the best thing we as ordinary citizens can do right now is to pray and ask God to send revival to our nation… then VOTE.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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