Truth Talks – What is Outreach to you?

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An interview with Dr Christopher Peppler on the meaning of Outreach.

How do you see Outreach? What kinds of Outreach activities have meant the most to you?

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  1. Lance Peppler

    Excellent video – couldn’t agree with you more.

    On Sunday one of the points in the sermon was that the overwealming point of the church was to bring people to salvation. While this is true I would say that just as important is to feed God’s hungry, console the hurting, free those in captivity and (where God is leading me) help the orphans.

  2. Candice

    @Lance, so true! I feel so passionately that to be completely relevant to this world, we should offer solutions that are practical as well as spiritual to people. If I felt that Christianity was only about my spirit and that God didnt care about my body, shelter, clothes etc. I would not have been very interested in the first place [to be honest].

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