TruthTalks: Faulty Bible Interpretation

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Ever find yourself arguing with another Christian about Biblical matters?

Me too. In this TruthTalks episode on Faulty Bible Interpretations, Dr Christopher Peppler expands on THIS post about how we can sometimes misinterpret the Bible. Find out about how to establish:

  1. Whether you are misinterpreting the Bible, and
  2. What to do about it if you are.

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2 Responses

  1. Leslie Truter

    Hi Chris,
    Which of the modern translations of the Bible would you recmoment most. I’m currently using the ESV.

    • Christopher Peppler

      Hi Leslie. The ESV is a good translation although it leans toward Calvinist doctrine in some parts and is somewhat stilted in others – but a good translation nevertheless. The Holman Christian Standard Bible is also aa good translation and I use it a fair amount. My favourite is and has been for a long time, the New International Version 1983 edition. Later releases and variants of the NIV are mainly sound but they compromise clarity in several instances by using gender-neutral language. I cannot recommend the later editions, but I do recommend the 1983 edition. A 4th translation that I use from time to time is the New Living Translation because of its readability and ability to make clear what, in some cases, other translations make complex.

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