TruthTalks: How religions view Jesus

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Top image Religions viewing Jesus
What do we do if we find ourselves in a conversation about Jesus and realise the other person is of a totally different faith to our own and we know nothing about it?

In this TruthTalk and Q and A session we talk briefly about 5 major religions, how they view Jesus, and how to “deal” with them. I also quiz Dad (Dr Christopher Peppler) about other religions, and we have an interesting conversation about what happens after we die, the second coming, and more. Give it a listen now and please share with your friends.

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  1. Marcelle de Villiers

    Thank you Chris for the wisdom you share with us. Your blogs are often the only biblical teaching I get and are an invaluable part of my quiet time and a huge catalyst in my growth as a Christian. I also really enjoy the fact that you have added the pod casts and the Q & A section with Karen. Many of my own questions have been posed and answered during these session. Thank you.

    • Christopher Peppler

      Thank you for your kind comments Marcelle. It must be very unsettling being in a new country, trying to get involved with a new church family, and so on. I am so glad that my articles are benefitting you. Love to you both (and to your girls who you must be missing)

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