TruthTalks (Sermon): Hezekiah – God has strengthened

Hezekiah, a king amongst kings

In this sermon (and I apologise for the not great audio quality in places) Dr Christopher Peppler looks at the life of Hezekiah. The first few minutes were not recorded, however, this is the background to the life of Hezekiah and describes what his father had done before Hezekiah became king. If you would like to read more about it you can at 2 Kings 1-20 and 2 Chronicles 28-30.

Like most stories of biblical characters there is no ONE point we can apply to our lives, but MANY points of interest we need to apply to our modern-life context.

It is astonishing how many similarities can be found in today’s society with that of one thousands of years ago. The story of Hezekiah is of a young king who reopened the desecrated and abandoned temple, restored, reformed and revived the worship of Almighty God… a sort of Old Testament day of Pentecost for the people of God.

Hezekiah – God has strengthened

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