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Last week Dr Christopher Peppler published a post about five “ill winds” blowing around and through churches and believers in recent times.

If you read it and thought “Calvanism? what is that again?” and then perhaps even moused-over to see the definition and yet still felt un-enlightened (as I did) then this TruthTalk is for you.

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Here is the original post and the TruthTalk can be heard by clicking on the play button below. If you enjoy it, why not listen to another HERE.


Until next time 🙂 Karen (TITW Admin)


  1. Zelda

    Loved your candid approach. Yes the negative studies do bring one into a critical place. Whereas taking cognizance of the need to test the word for error, it is even more important to think on whatever is holy, good, true, honorable, right,pure. Phil 4:8
    These are possibly more in the pattern of Jesus nature. Ink about things that are excellent and praiseworthy.

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