Video Sermon: This is a Trustworthy Saying

What is a Trustworthy Saying?

A couple of weeks ago, I prepared a sermon based on Matthew 18 titled ‘If your brother wrongs you’. At 6 pm on the Saturday evening, I got the news that a leading member of our church, and a long-term ministry colleague, had just died of a massive heart attack.

Within an hour I had processed this news and come to the realisation that the sermon I had prepared for the following day was now not at all appropriate.

However, the Holy Spirit was, as always, ahead of me because that very morning He had directed me to the book of Titus. A wonderful mini Gospel lies embedded in chapter three of this pastoral letter like a precious stone almost hidden in the ground.

The next day, I preached a sermon titled ‘This is a trustworthy saying’ from Titus 3:3-8. I do not have any sermon notes to share with you because I didn’t have time to prepare other than in prayer. However, the staff videoed the message and live streamed it on the church Facebook page.

Just click on the picture below or HERE to view the sermon in YouTube.


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