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I have now stopped posting to http://truthisthewordblog.blogspot.com. All the previous posts to that site are now also available here at www.truthistheword.com.

In future I will be posting regular reflections on three decades of pastoral life under the section ‘What the Pastor Saw’; other regular general or topical entries will be posted under ‘Blog’.

The ‘Sermons’ section will contain every recorded sermon I preach; the latest messages will be at the top of the list and I will continue to add older sermons at the bottom of the list. Although I often preach without notes, where I do have typed notes these will appear next to the applicable sermon .mp3 file.

The only section that will remain unpopulated for the time being is ‘Church Resources – Bible Commentaries’. All of my Bible studies to date are hand written and I will have to transcribe them before I can post them to the site.

If you are subscribed to this site you will be advised every time anything is posted: if you are not yet subscribed then I invite you to click on the ‘subscribe’ icon at the very top left of the site home page.

I would love to interact with you, so please leave comments or email me.


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  1. Gary

    Hi there

    Using a Blackberry and cannot find the icon to subscribe to the site where Chris says it is or anywhere else on the site.

    Please help


  2. Charmian

    Still looking for your last Sunday’s sermon on Healing:)

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